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VuoksiRaksi (Vuoksi bait holder)

- Colors

 VuoksiRaksi VuoksiRaksi bait holders are meant to be used with for an example anchovy, herring, roach or similar sized fish. Artificial soft baits will also do the work. Vuoksi bait holders works for all predator fishes, they are easy to use and are tested and approved in Finland. Bait holder has irregularly rotating, fish catching movement. 

There are two sizes available:
  • VR 2 (baitfish up to 12 cm)
  • VR 3 (baitfish 11-16 cm)

Different colors

Year 2014 Colors .

VuoksiRaksi is easy to use - just place the bait to the upper wire and lock the bait with the pin. No further adjustment needed!

Some hints

The swim of the bait holder can be adjusted according to personal needs and, for example, local climatic conditions. If the nose loop is bend upwards the baitfish will pick up more active and heavy movement and vice versa if it is bend down.

When using VuoksiRaksi bait holder in salmon, trout or walleye fishing, the baitfish should have an irregular roll and yaw. This can be achieved by bending the nose loop of the bait holder slightly and gently with pliers to either side. For speeds over two knots, less bending is needed (high speed, left fig.). More aggressive bending may be needed in slow speed fishing (right). The roll speed should be adjusted so that the baitfish slowly just flips over. A constant fast roll is not good!


  • Vuoksi bait holder can be used for trolling in speed range between 1 - 4 knots, depending on the adjustment on the baitholder.
  • A rotating baitfish needs a swivel to be used  1-2 feet in front of it.
  • The hooks (original) shall not be attached to the bait fish.
  • The hooks are chemically sharpened - beware of the sharpness!
  • We recommend Vuoksi bait holders to be used with VK-salmon flashers.

If additional hooks are needed, they can be easily attached, see photos. The additional front hook should be attached to the bait. Do not attach this hook to the rear of the bait or the natural tail movement may be lost.


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